Thoughts On E-Cigarettes 2014

Are electronic cigarettes healthier than normal cigarettes? The studies so far have been inconclusive. 

The American Lung Association is "very concerned about the potential health consequences of electronic cigarettes as well as the unproven claims that they can be used to help smokers quit," according to their site. There are few reports on batteries overheating with incompatible chargers but I know my readers too smart for something like that to happen. University College London study said E-cigs worked better for people trying to quit smoking than any other nicotine replacement, but the University of California San Francisco found the opposite is true.

I still have mixed feelings about them.

On one hand you have E-cigs that are marketing towards children with colorful and fruity flavors. E-Cig consumption among high school students has doubled from 2011-2012. Since we don't know the long term affects of E-cigs, will this overall negatively affect one's health?

According to DNews with their video on Is Marijuana Smoke Healthier Than Tobacco Smoke?, it's not the chemicals that are hurting you but the smoke itself. Does that include E-cigs?

On the other hand you have countless success stories from the Reddit electronic cigarette forum that tell the tales of how E-cigs have helped them quit. I personally know two people that are smoking few and fewer cigarettes now because of E-cigs. Will they ever stop completely? Who knows? It's also cheaper.

I will never truly understand what strength of vice grip nicotine has on someone since I've never been in that situation myself. I might of smoked for two months in my experimental college phase but then realized that I was too poor to smoke. +1 for poverty!

The best answer I can give is to try E-Cigs if you definitely have a goal to quit and have exhausted other options. Research the different doses and flavors as much as possible. Understand the risks (dehydration). Obtain a quality kit and juice. Stay away from Diacetyl. Maybe start with a juice that is similar to your favorite brand of cigarettes and then slowly wean yourself off the cigarettes as you start vaping.

Now you are saving a little money and still getting your nicotine fix. Can you wean yourself off the nicotine now?

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