The Five Things I Always Carry In My Pocket As A RT

1 Pen
Kind of obvious. I don't buy pens anymore because I always lose them. The best pens are the free ones.

2. Report Sheet AKA The Brain. 
Because It's really difficult to remember more than 6 patients and all their settings. 

3. Scissors 
The ones with the smooth edges are better than the sharp OR scissors. I have stabbed myself in the butt while sitting down. Never again. Scissors are just so useful. Where I work not all of the patients rooms have scissors stocked in their carts.

4. Pen Light 
I work night shift. It's essential to use a pen light to check ETT tube placements, meds, flow meter settings and etc. without turning on all the lights in the room. I see some coworkers have used their phones to look for things in the dark. It just doesn't look as professional / bad ass as a pen light.

5. Sharpie Marker
Labeling drugs and stuff that needs to be replaced.

Other stuff that I carry on my body:

You're not a respiratory therapist without one. 

Because half the clocks at the hospital need new batteries or are set to the wrong time. 

Other stuff I would like to carry but I don't have space and I'm not going to wear a fanny pack:

22mm adapter
It's a fact: 22mm adapter > 18mm adapter

ETT tape
I always have trouble finding good tape. I can't stuff it in my pocket because it always collects lint and then it looks gross.

Adhesive remover
Because it's mean to rip tape off a kids face without it. 

Clamps help me break adapters apart when our equipment gets crusted with salt. 

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